The bentrendgetinvolved Foundation

Constitution: September 2010


The organisation will be called bentrendgetinvolved


The foundation has been formed to commemorate Ben Trend following his tragic death in April 2010, and his love of sport.


The objects of the foundation will be to raise funds to support individuals and organisations involved in sport in the Blackpool and Fylde area and in South West London.

Decisions concerning who shall receive the funds raised by the foundation shall be made by the committee.

The committee

The committee shall comprise of Ben’s family and friends, who shall endeavour to fulfil the objects of the foundation

The business of the foundation will be managed by the committee, which shall consist of the following:

chairman, secretary, treasurer, plus a maximum of eight ordinary members.


The foundation shall have a minimum of two meetings each year plus the annual general meeting in April.

The quorum for all meetings shall be three.

Notice of meetings shall be circulated to committee members at least 14 days in advance.

A special meeting may be called by any member of the committee who must give their reasons in writing to the secretary and give at least 14 days notice.

At all meetings the person presiding shall have a casting as well as a personal vote.


The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping and recording all payments to or by the foundation for producing accounts to the committee as and when required.


The minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and kept by the secretary.


If upon the winding up or dissolution of the foundation there remain any assets after the payment of all its debts, these shall be given or transferred to a charitable foundation with similar objects to bentrendgetinvolved.