bentrendgetinvolved review December 2014


As we are approaching Christmas, the time of year for reflection, I thought you may like to know what Ben’s foundation has achieved so far and what the money raised has been used for.

We created the foundation “bentrendgetinvolved” in October 2010 so it has been in place for 4 years now; in that time we – and by we I mean everyone who has donated money and/or organised a fundraising event – have raised the phenomenal amount of £85,000 and donated to sporting individuals and organisations over £62,000.

We always investigate to whom we donate money, always meeting the people concerned personally or acting on recommendations of friends and associates. We have no overheads/expenses/running costs – the committee consists of family and friends who give their time free of charge, our accounts (Michael Boniface) and webpage (Ryan Brooks) are done free of charge. We also have several generous benefactors/sponsors/friends – take a bow John Cole, Tim Wyles, Paul Hewitt, Mark Yates, Marc Roberts, Roger Banks, the Kinsey brothers amongst others – to pay for events overheads such as programmes/tickets etc so that all the money raised goes in full to the foundation.

We created the foundation with three main aims:

  • To support sporting individuals and organisations because of Ben’s deep love of sport
  • To encourage others to get involved with sport in any way – hence the name of the foundation, one of Ben’s favourite phrases
  • To maintain contact between all Ben’s many friends, colleagues and family through the foundation and its events


Whenever we consider requests for funding we always apply the criteria:

“Would Ben want to support it?”

We mostly realise that he would want to – and participate himself if possible!


I have listed below some of the various ways that money has been raised and I apologise if I have missed anyone out:

  • The Richmond Riverside 10k (our first organised event)
  • Barcelona Ironman (Andrew Creed), UK Ironman (Jeavon Trend)
  • Marathons: London (Andrews Dickinson and Kane), Chicago (Patrick Reid) Las Vegas (Nathan, Nick, Gwil, Dan and Graham, Paris (Leroy Pearce) Manchester (Mike Pearce)
  • Marathon des Sables (James Reid)
  • Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc (Russell Mabbett)
  • The Ben Trend Ultra run (Mark, Matt, Aodhan and Jeavon running plus James, Stuey and Sarah support crew)
  • Bike rides: Manchester – London (Matt Pickering), the coast – coast (Matt and Kate), Devon – Wimbledon (Dan Holmes and friends) Lands End – John O Groats (Andrew Dickinson), John O Groats – Lands End (Roger Evans)
  • “A Day in the Lakes” – Lake District walks for all the family – Michael Barr has kindly agreed to organise this event every other year – next one in 2016
  • Pennine Way walk (Roger Evans)
  • 3 peaks ascent (Phil Swindells and Vicki)
  • 3 different types of mud runs (Leroy, Tracey and Stuart, Matt Jones), various other runs of varying distances
  • 2 memorial rugby matches
  • Party nights, band nights, Movember events


Our latest supporters are Fairhaven Golf Club Ladies Committee, led by Carole Schofield, who has very kindly decided to donate the proceeds of their fundraising this winter to us – thank you for your support.

I would like to make special mention of Ben’s colleagues, clients and friends at FIT in Wimbledon who have raised a massive amount through events and donations – thank you so much.

I would also like to mention all those who became involved and participated in sport for the first time ever in Bens’ memory – Ebru Ergen comes to mind, along with Hayley, plus Geoff Rowe who trained for the Vegas marathon but couldn’t make the trip so did a full marathon on a gym treadmill at the same time – that’s real dedication!


We have donated that £62,000 to a wide variety of causes including:

  • Blackpool Polar Bears, a multi-disability swimming club
  • Hannah Parkinson, a Fylde coast biathlete and pentathlete
  • The Cheetahs, a Fylde coast wheelchair sports club
  • Blackpool Scorpions, a cheerleading/tumbling gymnastic club
  • HS Netball Club London
  • Blackpool 6th form rugby team, Blackpool Rugby Club
  • North West Biathle Hub, a running/swimming club based on the Fylde coast
  • Adam Weightman, a Fylde coast athlete
  • Jack Wilding, a Blackpool athlete, who we helped attend the World Dwarf Games in Michigan
  • Sharp Style boxing club, Blackpool, who encourage youngsters from under-privileged backgrounds to box
  • Blackpool Tiggers, a club devoted to autistic youngsters
  • Harry Walford and Lydia Smart, two young Blackpool ice skaters
  • Isaac Towers, a Fylde coast wheelchair athlete who hopes to make the Rio paralympic games
  • Snow Camp, a London based charity who encourage under-privileged youngsters off the streets and into employment through learning about the skiing industry
  • Archie “Bonzai” Brown, a young karate exponent from Blackpool
  • Laura Turner, a London athlete


I trust you will agree your money has been well-spent, we do appreciate your support over the last four years and hope you will continue to support us.

It will be five years in April 2015 since we lost our beloved Ben; we hope to have a series of fundraising events in London and Blackpool to boost the foundation in Ben’s memory and hope that maybe you will be able to join us at some stage – we look forward to catching up with you soon.

We send our love and best wishes for a great Christmas and New Year,


The Trends x