Blackpool Tiggers started in 2004 as a trampolining group for 8 children on the autistic spectrum. It has expanded to offer services for more than 100 local families affected by Autism and has inspired groups in Rossendale, Preston, Lancaster, Fleetwood and Bolton.

Tigger groups are self managed with support from the committee and volunteers. In Blackpool there is now Trampolining and an extensive holiday activity programme.

The group is managed by a parent led committee and staffed by volunteers, all of who are vetted and given training using our own custom designed courses and sponsored to gain externally recognised qualifications.

Aims and Objectives of Blackpool Tiggers

To provide children on the autistic spectrum and their siblings the opportunity to regularly trampoline in an Autism friendly environment.

The activity facilitates physical exercise, improves co-ordination, encourages appropriate social inter-action and recognises achievements significant to autistic spectrum disorders.

Secondary objectives include:-

a)   To encourage, develop and promote sport, recreation, leisure and
social integration opportunities for disabled children, young adults and
their carers, with the emphasis on Autism.

b)   To improve and develop disability awareness in the community, promoting social inclusion.

c)   To provide parents of children on the autistic spectrum and young
adults the opportunity for mutual support, promoting family inclusion.

d)  To provide a good Volunteering experience” for those who become involved.

e)   To encourage other groups to become established across the
region and nationally.