Blackpool Polar Bears are a multi-disability swimming club for members of the community with a physical or learning disability. We are based at Moor Park Swimming Pool, Bristol Avenue, Blackpool.

Blackpool Polar Bears embraces families, carers and other agencies with the overall objectives of providing opportunities for recreational, leisure and social integration.

The club operates both learner and competitive swimming lessons allowing disabled members and families with disabled children to participate. We have an open door policy for disabled members in order to encourage them to access facilities they would not otherwise use.

We have strong relationships with local respite centres, schools and able bodied swimming clubs for members who wish to extend their abilities

All our teaching staff, which include volunteer teachers, are trained to the appropriate A.S.A. standards.

All volunteer helpers in the water have got the A.S.A. Disabled Helpers qualification.

All Club Volunteers have C.R.B. clearance through Special Olympics G.B.